Kotlin Program to Compare Strings

In this example you will write a Kotlin Program to Compare Strings using three different styles. String comparison is a critical operation in programming, enabling developers to determine the equality or order of strings. Kotlin offers several methods to compare strings, each with its own advantages depending on the specific requirements of the comparison. In … Read more

Kotlin Program to Convert String to Date

Converting a string to a date is a common task in many applications, especially when dealing with user input or data from external sources. In Kotlin, this can be achieved using the java.time package which provides a robust API for date and time manipulation. This article will demonstrate how to convert a string to a … Read more

Kotlin Program to Check if a String is Numeric

In Kotlin, determining whether a string is numeric is a common task that can be accomplished using various approaches. Checking if a string contains only numbers can be crucial in data validation, input verification, and many other scenarios. This article will explore three different methods to check if a string is numeric in Kotlin, each … Read more